Roadtrip Nation Hub 

Show Your Audience What's Possible

Your community’s career seekers need information: who’s hiring nearby, what different jobs look like from day-to-day, and how to pick the right education or training path. But they also need more intangible forms of support—like inspiration and motivation!

Through candid interviews with real professionals from your community, plus relevant advice and resources, your hub will give career seekers both the information and inspiration they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I use these sharing resources?
The copy and photos you’ll find at the above links are optimized for use on your social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. We’ve also seen previous partners use these resources to onboard other staff members, to announce the new hub in their bulletins or newsletters, or even as a CTA on their workforce development board’s home page—so feel free to get creative!
Which audiences should I promote my hub to?
Your Roadtrip Nation hub is built to facilitate independent exploration and self-reflection amongst career seekers of all ages, but we especially recommend promoting it to your young adult audiences. (Earlier exposure to different career paths can lead to better career outcomes!) In addition, your hub is built to work well in a classroom setting, so we also encourage promoting your site to any local educators and youth-supporting organizations.
Can I supplement these resources with my own posts and designs—or edit the language to better fit my brand?
Yes! These sharing resources are meant to equip you with core talking points, and help you better understand the value props of your site. But if you have branding guidelines you need to meet, or if you know that a certain tone of voice will work best for your audience, we encourage you to use these resources as a jumping-off point that you can edit as needed, or create something that’s all your own.
What are some of the features included on the hub?

Within the features found on your Roadtrip Nation hub, career seekers can:

  • Watch day-in-the-life videos that explore in-demand local career paths, to get an understanding of what different careers actually look like behind the scenes.
  • Explore candid video interviews and written advice from local professionals talking about the work they do, the path they took to get there, the challenges they faced, and the advice they have for people looking to pursue a similar path.
  • See the wide range of education and training opportunities available in your area—such as local colleges, community colleges, workforce development programs, certificate programs, and apprenticeships.
  • Utilize resources from trusted partners to get connected to even more training, education, and job opportunities.
  • Get access to Roadtrip Nation’s empowering career exploration tools, including our award-winning documentaries, and our digital project-based course, the Roadtrip Nation Experience.

In addition, local educators and youth-supporting organizations can use this site to encourage exploration and discussion amongst the young adults and career seekers they serve!

Who should I contact if I have further questions?

If you have further questions about how to use these resources, please reach out to Roadtrip Nation’s marketing team at