Roadtrip Nation Stands Against Systemic Racism and Injustice

To Our Roadtrip Nation Community,

For nearly two decades, we at Roadtrip Nation have worked hard to make sure that young people from underrepresented backgrounds receive the empowerment and visibility they need to see what’s possible for their future. Our mission is to help people define their own roads in life, but over the last few weeks, it's been blatantly evident how systemic racism in our country prevents Black people from getting this opportunity.

On one hand, these events have galvanized us to double down on our mission. But on the other, it feels like we’re not doing enough—quickly enough—for the Black students we seek to serve.

We’re proud of the diversity and representation of our roadtrippers and interviewees, whose stories are told through our documentaries, interview archive, and educational resources. They are our ambassadors and the heart of Roadtrip Nation. But as we build out this next chapter of Roadtrip Nation, we also need to expand our representation beyond our roadtrippers, to our internal operations and leadership teams, and make sure that a more diverse set of voices are represented within our walls.

At this time when the world needs organizations to step up, take responsibility, and do the important introspection that’s needed, here are our commitments:

• We stand with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) against systemic racism and injustice.
• We have engaged and will continue to engage Black-owned businesses to help us build a strategic roadmap to becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization, including:
· Expanding our hiring practices and inclusive culture-building efforts
· Building a pipeline for BIPOC to work and grow within Roadtrip Nation
· Cultivating anti-racism within our organization and addressing biases in our workforce through workshops, education, and training
• We will seek out, produce, and amplify new stories of Black leaders to deepen the diversity and representation in our content, so that all young people see more inclusive pathways for their future.
• We will leverage our media platforms to advocate for social justice issues that relate to the thematic content we produce, and provide our audience with more specific opportunities to drive social change.
• We will increase the distribution of our content and career exploration tools to nonprofit organizations whose work supports BIPOC youth.
At this time of deep social and economic uncertainty, the next generation needs to sustain a sense of hope and empowerment for their future more than ever.

To our students, roadtrippers, teachers, partners, team members, interviewees, and everyone else we've worked shoulder to shoulder with over so many years, thank you for your belief in what we do and for the support and advocacy that fuels our efforts.

We’re grateful to be on this journey with you, and we promise that Roadtrip Nation will never stop listening, learning, and growing.

Here’s to the road ahead,

Mike Marriner
Cofounder & President, Roadtrip Nation